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Frequently asked questions: History

How was the patch developed?

Our company founder had sought relief from a chronic ailment. He engaged with Buddhist monasteries to formulate a topical, herbal paste using Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas. After success in treating his ailment, friends and family requested the treatment, and Pro-Sero was founded to deliver the herbal ingredients with paste-making instructions. The product packaging evolved into the convenient patch form available today.

The product logo is a "foot"?

The initial treatment method at the company's founding was to apply an herbal paste to both feet, each night, for several weeks. Feet are a foundation of health in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a pathway for delivering herbal treatments. Our paste was also applied at the site of body aches and pains. Customers found the patch form of the Pro-Sero product to be a convenient and effective pain patch, and at the same time our "foot" logo represents the foundation of our approach to herbal treatments.