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Frequently asked questions: How to use

Can I engage in physical activity while wearing the patch?

Yes. Our stretchable patch conforms to your body and remains affixed to your skin for up to 12 hours. Perspiration and moisture exposure during physical activity, however, may degrade its adhesive properties.

Is the patch reusable?

Carefully apply the patch, because once applied and then removed, its adhesive property is degraded.

Is the package resealable?

Yes. All Pro-Sero patch products include a resealable aluminum pouch for preserving unused patches.

How many patches to wear at one time?

The most we can recommend and have experience with is two Extra Large Patches, wrapped one on each foot overnight for 12 hours.

Can I cut the patch?

Yes, and we recommend using large, sharp scissors. While an uncut Extra Large patch is sized for the lower back or to wrap a foot, it may also be split lengthwise into two pieces for the sole of each foot. Smaller pieces cut from the Large patch are appropriate for the nape of the neck and shoulders.

How do I remove the patch?

The patch may self-detach after 8 to 12 hours, depending on humidity and physical activity. Soaking the patch in warm water while taking a bath or shower can accelerate its detachment. Removal from the sole of the foot should begin at the toe and progress towards the heel of the foot.

Why must I wash hands after applying or removing a patch?

Residue on the hands could pass to more sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth. To avoid any discomfort or irritation to sensitive areas, wash your hands thoroughly after applying or removing the patch.